[Jobposts] Linux positions with kernel, embedded, developer tools focus, full-time remote possible

Alison Chaiken alison at exerciseforthereader.org
Sun Dec 26 01:45:07 UTC 2021

Greetings Linuxchix,

My employer, Aurora Innovation, is a publicly traded vehicle autonomy 
purveyor with major partnerships with Toyota, Uber, Volvo Trucks and 
FedEx.   We have many open positions that mention Linux or Debian, 
notably "Senior Security Software Engineer", "HIL Software Engineer", 
"Linux Kernel Engineer" and "Senior Software Engineer, Autonomy Tools."  
  The company has announced that full-time remote forever is allowed, 
although there are also office all over the U.S.  Here is the link:


I know a bit about a few of these positions and not much about others, 
but would be happy to answer any questions.

Best wishes,
Alison Chaiken

Alison Chaiken			alison at exerciseforthereader.org
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