[Jobposts] Mid to senior Rails developer at Altmetric

Maël Estevez mael at altmetric.com
Wed Nov 13 21:51:55 UTC 2019

Hello, My name is Maël and I work at Altmetric. We have a remote-friendly
position for a person who is either eligible to work in the UK (British or
EU) or planning to relocate to the UK.*We’re looking for a mid to senior
Ruby developer to join our team.*

Altmetric analyses the online activity around scholarly content to measure
the broader impact of science and research. We deliver and support products
such as the Altmetric details pages
<https://www.altmetric.com/about-our-data/altmetric-details-page/>, Altmetric
Explorer <https://www.altmetric.com/products/explorer-for-institutions/>
and the Altmetric badges
<https://www.altmetric.com/products/altmetric-badges/>. Our customers
include institutions across Europe, North America and Australia and
scholarly publishers such as Springer Nature, Wiley, Taylor & Francis and
MIT Press.

We develop software in a friendly and flexible working environment,
processing hundreds of thousands of scholarly mentions and serving over 45
million API requests every day.

We’re currently based in The Smithson building, in Clerkenwell. As a
portfolio company of Digital Science
<https://www.digital-science.com/products/>, we share our office with other
scientific start-ups including Figshare, Overleaf & Symplectic.

*Day-to-day, we use technologies like:*

   - Web applications using Ruby <http://www.ruby-lang.org/> and the Ruby
   on Rails <http://rubyonrails.org/> framework;
   - A data pipeline in PHP <https://www.php.net/>.
   - Databases where most of our data is stored in places like MongoDB
   <http://www.mongodb.org/>, Redis <http://redis.io/> and PostgreSQL
   - Automated testing with RSpec and PHPUnit and code review.

Ultimately, we’re looking for people who are keen to learn and flexible in
their approach. If you have transferable skills into any of the above, then
we’d love to hear from you. There’s plenty of time for on-the-job learning
for you to get comfortable.

You will be part of a team responsible for the development and maintenance
of our user-facing web applications and data pipeline. Using best
practices, you will continuously deliver our products to customers around
the globe and shape our engineering culture.

*Examples of our recent projects include:*

   - Redeveloping our policy document system in Ruby to mine PDFs for
   references to scholarly literature and push them through the Altmetric
   pipeline to reveal policy attention to science;
   - Launching version 2 of Altmetric Explorer for Institutions, allowing
   users to search and analyse the full Altmetric database with over 52
   million mentions of 12 million research outputs;
   - Adding Shibboleth authentication to Altmetric Explorer for
   Institutions, allowing institutional users to use their existing user
   accounts and ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

*Development team*

The development team is split into three small teams who each have full
control over improving the areas they’re responsible for. We hold weekly
“gatherings” across the whole development team to keep everyone informed
and to discuss any bigger issues that affect multiple project teams.

Teams typically work in two week iterations, seeking feedback early and
often so that we can respond to change quickly. At the end of every
iteration, we hold reviews and retrospectives so that we can share
completed work and discuss changes to our way of working.

*Life at Altmetric*

As a company, work-life balance is very important to us: we have flexible
working hours and our teams are setup to enable people to regularly work
from home.

In order to create time for personal development, we hold “hackdays” every
month for team members to explore new topics and technologies and work with
people outside their usual product team. These projects range from building
a prototype of something, experimenting with a new technology, online
training, or just reading that software development book you never get
around to during the week.

We offer a competitive market rate salary and all members of the team are
provided with a MacBook Pro (we are happy to discuss your requirements
before you join) and have an annual training & conference budget including
international travel. We are users of open source software and we support
this <https://github.com/altmetric> in any way we can. We also offer
company benefits such as a personal pension plan, life assurance cover,
childcare vouchers, private medical insurance and a travel or bike loan.

We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer, which has given us a wide
diversity of backgrounds throughout the team. This is something that Louise
(our VP of Engineering), Ana (our CTO), and Kathy (our CEO) have always
strived for and we’re certainly pleased with the progress so far.

If this role interests you, please apply here

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