[Jobposts] DevOps/Sysadmin Linux: cloud, virtual, bare metal (contract / "contract-to-hire") Walnut Creek, CA, US

Paoli, Michael michael.paoli at verizonwireless.com
Fri Nov 9 02:33:33 UTC 2018

contractor only, might possibly be able to convert to employee in future
presently have two such positions open:
DevOps/Sysadmin Linux: cloud, virtual, bare metal       Walnut Creek, CA, US

Support of Linux and related on cloud, virtual, and bare metal
environments, from development environments through production.

Minimum qualifications:
o good understanding of Linux based operating systems, including common
  systems administration and most common commands and utilities
o at least some familiarity with virtualization (AWS and ESXi preferred)
o good understanding of at least network fundamentals and
  troubleshooting thereof, notably IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, common higher
  level protocols such as DNS, HTTP/HTTPS, etc.
o good interpersonal and communication skills, including proficient and
  sufficiently clear English in written and verbal forms and including
  via telephone.  Able to well understand and apply verbal/phone and/or
  written instructions, able to clearly convey instructions, verbally
  and/or written, and able to write reasonably good documentation.
(see also "Preferred and strongly preferred" ... section further below)

Additional requirements for more "senior" skill level positions:
o Candidate must be quite proficient in one or more programming
  languages, highly preferred such be in languages commonly used for
  Linux systems administration and scalability thereof, notably
  including, in approximately this preference order: Python, shell
  (Bash, Korn, POSIX, dash or similar), Perl, Ruby
o Candidate should be proficient or better (strong preferred) in many -
  preferably the majority or more - of the skills noted under "Preferred
  and strongly preferred qualifications", and in approximately that
  preference order.

Preferred and strongly preferred qualifications, knowledge of to highly
proficient in ...:
o Any more "junior" skill level candidates will preferably show
  significant recent track record of gaining substantial additional
  skills at a solid rate - be quite "teachable"
o Demonstration of solid track record of well learning and mastering new
  relevant skills is well preferred for any skill level position.
o programming/scripting proficiency, preferably language(s) relevant to
  AWS and/or Linux systems administration
o AWS skills/knowledge - e.g. familiar with at least key concepts, able
  to create Linux-based instances and/or containers, manage and
  configure security, scale (manage larger numbers of instances with
  suitable tools/programs and/or autoscale, etc.), familiarity with
  available (AWS) services and facilities, etc.
o Linux in "cloud" - how to architect/develop, manage and scale in cloud
o Linux management at scale - hundreds to thousands or more
  hosts/instances/containers and/or high traffic/volume sites; relevant
  tools/infrastructure for such, including researching,
  designing/architecting, implementing/deploying, and maintaining, etc.
o Linux - troubleshoot, "drill down", strong, solid understanding from
  the lower/lowest levels on up (e.g. basic hardware, booting, kernels,
  services, security, encryption, tuning, performance, networking,
  filesystems, logs & log analysis, etc.)
o Security, including fundamentals, physical, practical and common
  understandings relevant to Linux, AWS, certificates, firewalls,
  networking, testing/auditing, etc.
o well automate what ought be automated (concept of DevOps, etc.)
o create and do presentations on technical and business matters
o Linux Containers (preferably Docker)
o AWS ECS, Kubernetes
o F5/BIG-IP load balancers: LTM, GTM
o Nginx, Apache
o Apache Tomcat
o many common network protocols, including but not limited to: IP, IPv6,
  Layer 2 (switches, etc.), TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, HTTP/HTTPS, NFS, SMTP,
  troubleshooting abilities
o preferred: Red Hat/CentOS
o Ansible, Ansible Tower
o syslog, Nagios, Logstash, Elastic, Solr, Net-SNMP, Kibana, Grafana,
  and various monitoring and alerting facilities and tools
o Apache Kafka, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), RabbitMQ
o Database(s), in approximate preference order: MongoDB, HBase,
  Redis, Cassandra, other NoSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, other SQL
o ESXi (preferred) or additionally/alternatively other VMware
o Practical physical and hardware knowledge (data centers, electrical,
  connectivity, thermal, physical security, hardware troubleshooting,
  proper anti-static handling, etc.)
o Java & J2EE
o OpenStack
o Other virtualizations: QEMU, KVM, Xen, VirtualBox, etc.
o C programming, particularly in contexts of Linux system calls,
  security, troubleshooting.
o Education: BS Computer Science/Engineering or related or equivalent
o JMeter, LoadRunner, other load testing frameworks
o Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
o NFS/NAS, SAN, etc.
o RAID and related storage systems/software (e.g. NetApp, mdraid, etc.)
o memory leak tools/analysis
o Open Source software/development/concepts
o Git, (other/additional) version control & concepts

Will take international applicants?  Yes
Need pre-existing work visa?  Need to prove eligibility to work in the US,
we don't provide sponsorships
relocation allowance?  No
telecommute?  No (presume >>80% on-site, and especially earlier on)
name of the company at which the position is open: Verizon / Verizon

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