[Jobposts] UCLA Library Linux Development Support Engineer

Gurnick, Stephen sgurnick at library.ucla.edu
Tue Mar 29 14:12:15 UTC 2016

This is a job announcement for a new role within the University of California, Los Angeles Library's IT team. We have two positions open for Linux Development Support Engineers.

Here is the link to the job description: http://ucla.in/25noTHw


We are looking for Senior Linux System Administrators with backgrounds in supporting development teams and project managers. What's great about this position is the autonomy we have to create environments that serve the vision of the Library. We'll be working on creating continuous integration methods, using configuration management tools, developing infrastructures in in-house virtual infrastructures and in clouds services (like Amazon).

We value candidates' communication, organization, documentation, and overall "soft skills" just as high, if not more so, than technical abilities.

We are a fun IT organization with many interesting projects. We support websites that host collections of materials where our Library has the only copies of the images, audio, and video in the entire world. We are working through challenges for how to preserve terabytes of data where if they're lost, there's no getting them back.

The UCLA Library is a place where we learn something new every day, and is an awesome place to come to work.

Please apply using the link provided approve and share with your networks.

Thank you!

Stephen Gurnick
Linux Development Support Supervisor
Digital Initiatives and Information Technology
UCLA Library

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