[Jobposts] Technical Content Producer at Twilio

Kevin Whinnery kwhinnery at twilio.com
Thu Jul 30 20:55:22 UTC 2015

Hi there!

Twilio is looking for a Technical Content Producer to join our Developer
Education team. If you're passionate about teaching and eager to use your
skills as a developer to set a new bar for developer documentation
experiences, this might be a fun job for you to consider.

For more details, check out the official job posting on our site:


*Possibly Asked Questions*

*Where is this job located? Can I telecommute?*

Twilio is based in San Francisco, but our team is all remote. You can live
and work from anywhere.

*What requirements should the applicant address in the application?*

Our team needs to support a wide range of developers on many different
platforms, so there's no technical litmus test. We're looking for a
competent technologist and software developer, and diversity of skills and
experience is a plus. To enjoy this job, though, you will need to be
passionate about documentation, strive for excellence in your code and
prose, and get a charge out of teaching/serving your fellow developers.

*Are you considering international applicants?*

Yes, if they're awesome :)

*Can you help with a US work visa? Does Twilio offer relocation benefits?*

The answer to both is no - while we're willing to look at working remotely
with international candidates, we're not able to offer assistance with
visas or relocation.

*Who can I reach out to with questions?*

Me! Send a note to Kevin at kw at twilio dot com, or feel free to ask
something on twitter @kevinwhinnery


Kevin Whinnery
Developer Education @ Twilio

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