[Jobposts] DevOps Engineer at FutureAdvisor

Ron D trueabilityjobs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 16:32:47 UTC 2015

*Title: DevOps Engineer*
*Location:* *San Francisco, Remote Job*

Please visit following Link to Take a shortcut to FutureAdvisor recruiter's
inbox and take an Online Technical Interview On a Live Server NOW!

FutureAdvisor is looking to hire an infrastructure engineer. Your job will
be to keep FutureAdvisor running smoothly. It might be deploying and
maintaining server clusters on EC2, building tools to automate our
deployment pipelines or designing and implementing a new piece of the
request pipeline. Your job will be to make FutureAdvisor as fast and
reliable as possible.

You might be a good fit if you have experience writing production code, but
you'd rather be building out the running systems. You're security-conscious
and detailed-oriented when it comes to provisioning servers and designing
deployment processes. You have a strong desire to automate everything, but
you know when introducing automation might be a bad idea. You're
comfortable in Bash and Ruby.

As a FutureAdvisor infrastructure engineer you might work on improving our
Chef cookbooks to make it easier for others to deploy services. You'll
spend time identifying and eliminating likely reasons for FutureAdvisor to
go down. You'll also work on building out more tools to manage and track
our server cluster using AWS technologies like EC2, S3, OpsWorks, and VPC.

*About us:*
FutureAdvisor is an automated investment manager. We help our customers cut
their investment fees, avoid excessive risks and save on taxes, so that
they and their families will face better choices down the road.

*What we're looking for:*
• Experience working with AWS
• Experience provisioning and maintaining VPC instances on AWS
• Knowledge of service oriented infrastructure
• Knowledge of working with Linux and Bash scripts
• Experience with infrastructure management tools like Chef or Puppet
• Bonus Experience launching Ruby on Rails apps

With Regards,
Ron D

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