[Jobposts] Sysadmin/DBA for .no registry

Magni Onsoien magni.onsoien at uninett.no
Thu Jul 4 07:40:00 UTC 2013

My company (Norid, which runs the .no registry) is hiring. We need a
system administrator (my personal preference will be a DBA). You will
work in our technical team of about 6 people. Currently I am the only
woman, but the entire company is about 2/3 women including the CEO and
one of two department managers.

Here is the job ad: http://www.norid.no/stilling/tekn-2013.en.html

Feel free to contact me off-list if you have any questions.
EU/EEA visa is not a requirement, although it is definitely preferred.
Although the ad states it is possible to work from home, this does not
mean telecommuting, only occasional work from home. You need to live
in Trondheim.

Applications are accepted until 18 August 2013.


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