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Subject: EQUINIX - Sr. Linux/Unix Engineer (Redwood City, CA)
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 06:46:56 -0800
From: Jennifer Greger <jgreger at equinix.com>
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* Local Candidates Only (position in Redwood City, CA)
* No Third Party (agency) Resumes Accepted
* Apply at 
http://equinix.hodesiq.com/job_detail.asp?JobID=2211204&user_id= or 
jgreger at equinix.com (with the position title in the subject line)

About Equinix

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) operates International Business Exchange 
(IBX) data centers offering businesses a place to reliably run their 
operations & securely exchange critical information in North America, 
Europe & Asia-Pacific. Every day, without compromise, the people who 
control the world's most valued information assets place their trust in 
us, leveraging our insight, expertise & world-class service to protect & 
connect what matters to them most--their information.

Why Equinix

As a recognized global leader in its industry, Equinix employs 
dedicated, driven experts who take pride in their work. When you choose 
to work for Equinix, you're not just picking a job, you're embarking on 
a career. You're not just working at a company, you're joining a vital, 
global team.


Senior Systems Administrator - Sys Admin - UNIX - Linux - Solaris - 
Apache - BIND - SMTP - Vmware - NAS - SAN - AIX
Equinix has an opening for a senior Linux/Unix administrator. We're 
looking for a Sr. Systems Administrator to maintain & support the 
Linux/Unix environment, support web related applications & to support 
the Development team.
*	Ensure the reliable, correct operation of production services with 
24x7 uptime
*	Implement scalable, multi-architecture network based services
*	Write automation tools for the maintenance of said systems
*	Work with development groups as a partner to meet company goals, 
identify solutions to problems & proactively seek improvements in 
reliability & the performance systems.
*	Maintain a working knowledge of all documented processes & procedures. 
Suggest improvements as necessary.
*	Identifies opportunities for improvements in efficiency & 
responsiveness, makes recommendations & assists to implement efficiencies.
*	Manage all web related applications servers (certificates, proxies).
*	Manage & maintain the SMTP environment.

Qualifications & Experience:
*	Experience with hardware & software RAID solutions, 3rd party file 
systems & volume managers (e.g. Veritas), experience designing 
distributed file system architectures ( NFS , AFS, DFS, etc)
*	Operating Systems: Extensive experience with Solaris (SPARC, x64); 
Strong experience with the Linux kernel & distros (Red Hat, Debian, 
CentOS) & with BSD flavors.
*	Strong knowledge in TCP/IP
*	Hardware/platforms: Experience with Sun Fire V & X series (e.g. V240, 
X4140), Experience with Sun M-Series (e.g. M4000), experience with x64 
platforms (e.g. AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon) both enterprise & "commodity" 
hardware. Dell & IBM Pro series
*	Networking: Experience with IPv4 usage, troubleshooting & 
administration; knowledge of load balancer theory & practice. Experience 
with ipfilter & related software firewalls. Extensive Layer 2 (Ethernet) 
experience & troubleshooting. Well-versed in tools such as snoop, 
tcpdump, Ethereal/Wireshark.
*	Software: Experience compiling user & server-level applications, 
libraries from source code. Experience writing shell (Bourne, Bash) & 
Perl scripts.
*	Infrastructure/Applications: Experience with infrastructure 
applications (e.g. BIND (DNS), Sendmail, Postfix, Barracuda Spam 
Firewall, NetBackup, Websense), user-facing applications (e.g. Apache, 
iPlanet/Sun ONE/Sun Java System Web Server, Tomcat, MySQL, PHP) & 
services (e.g. Samba, SSH, CVS, Subversion). Experience with OS & 
application troubleshooting tools (e.g. sar, vmstat, iostat, dstat, 
truss, strace, DTrace)
*	Linux LVM, Sun Volume Manager, & ZFS
*	5+ years experience as an administrator in a large, heterogeneous 
environment, including at least 2 years experience each as a systems 
administrator in Solaris & Linux environments (RHEL4, RHEL5, Solaris 8, 
9, & 10)
*	Experience in: configuration of mail systems, system installation & 
configuration, printer systems, fundamentals of security, installing 
third-party software
*	Solid underst&ing of a UNIX-based operating system, including paging & 
swapping, inter-process communication, devices & what device drivers do, 
system calls, & filesystem concepts (inode, clustering, logical partitions)
*	Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing 
environment concepts; can configure NFS ; underst&s basic routing concepts
*	Ability to write scripts in some administrative language (e.g., Perl, 
*	Ability to setup & manage common network services (BIND, Postfix/ 
Sendmail ,httpd, nfs, NTP, sshd, etc).
*	Ability to setup & maintain Web proxies & other web related applications.
*	Familiarity with CVS or other version control systems (RCS, SVN)
*	Responsible for ensuring proper deployment of fiber-channel storage 
arrays, hosts, switches, software, & storage networking infrastructure.
*	2+ years with VMWare virtualization products (ESX 3.x/4.x, SRM, Lab 
*	BS Computer Science or equivalent experience

**Equinix is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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