[Jobposts] need Linux soft eng re fulltime jobs

Michael A Nutley jrnasst at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 9 19:07:33 UTC 2011

We have needs for entry level and junior level Linux software developers ie
0 to 4 years exp, regarding embedded systems, firmware projects, computer
products, coding will be in C Lang. and C++ Lang. on Linux,  fyi this is for
a large international computer manufacturing company with an office based in
Atlanta Georgia, following are requirements

Requirements for Soft Eng position
  a.. Candidate must have a completed 4 year degree, will be verified
  b.. Candidate must be able to pass a handwritten C Lang.. software test
  c.. Candidate must be a US Citizen or have Green Card US Residence
  d.. Good pay starts around 75k plus benefits, training

please send resumes, inquiries to contact info, email info following, below
JRN & Associates
770-433-8507 Dir.#
 jrnasst at bellsouth.net

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