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Wed Nov 3 17:21:26 UTC 2010

Linux Software Engineer #587486 (1 Openings) Hillsboro, OR.
The Open Source Technology Center (OTC), part of SSG's System Software Division (SSD), is chartered to be the center of excellence regarding Linux* and Open Source at Intel. Our mission is to provide open source software solution and support to influence and optimize the capabilities of Intel silicon, technologies, platform and products. With-in OTC, MeeGo Linux distribution engineering team has a need for a software engineering for MeeGo OS middleware stack development and product integration.


Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor Degree, major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or relevant engineering disciplines.
- 2 years of Linux solution development experience in middleware stack.
- Familiar with Linux RPM packaging format
- This position requires the person with experience to implement Linux solution in C/C++ for user space and/or Kernel code in MeeGo OS especially in middleware libraries such as Qt, Qt Mobility. Experience with QML is desirable.

This is a software development position to implement MeeGo core building block middleware components that provide APIs for MeeGo product user experience and applications implementation including all MeeGo vertical products such as Netbook, Handset, TV, IVI, etc.

Go to http://www.intel.com/jobs/jobsearch/index_js.htm?Location=200000090 click "show search", type in the job number listed in this job description listed above then, click on search for jobs.

Feel free to call or send me an email if you have any questions.  Thanks, in advance.

Rob Kemp
Linux Recruiter
Direct Line: (503) 456-1879
Robertx.S.Kemp at Intel.com<mailto:Robertx.S.Kemp at Intel.com>

Q: Which country are you in?
A: Hillsboro, Oregon USA
Q: Will you take international applicants?
A: Yes, we could be open to international applicants
Q: Do folks need pre-existing work visas for your country?
A: Not necessarily.
Q: Is a relocation allowance part of the salary package?
A: Possibly. Would prefer local candidates.
Q: Can we telecommute?
A: Possibly

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