[Jobposts] Database Manager/System Admin - UC San Diego - La Jolla, CA

Sarah sarahannalien at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 22:02:34 UTC 2010

My group is looking for a new Database Administrator...
The actual Job Posting (and application process) are both here:
I just work here (as a Java developer), but feel free to contact me if
you have any questions.


Position #50691
Database Manager/System Admin.
Filing Deadline: Tue 1/26/2010
Div. of Biological Sciences (100% Career) Hiring Salary Range: $56,855
- $77,145 /year
Payroll Title: Programmer / Analyst III. Full Salary Range: $56,855 -

Serve as database administrator for all central database servers in
the Division of Biological Sciences. This includes multiple servers
running different relational databases on different operating systems
of a variety of uses. Manage the underlying operating systems and
servers on which the database servers are housed. Serve as project
manager for variety of software development/database projects
involving programmers and users both from within and without the
division (eg IWDC, College Provosts, etc). Performs system
administration duties on servers outside of the database server group
(Linux, Solaris, and OS X servers performing such tasks as hosting
application servers, web server, wikis and fileservers). Write
administrative and other web applications (mostly involving


* Strong demonstrated knowledge of relational database administration,
including installation, updating and configuration of complex RDBMS
systems (such as MySQL, Sybase, DB2), Data Modeling, logical and
physical database structure design, system monitoring, query
optimization, and advanced query design.

* Strong demonstrated knowledge of SQL including DDL uages, views and
stored procedures.

* Strong knowledge of standard programming and debugging practices,
including experience with one or more compiled languages (such as C or
Java) and scripting languages (such as Perl) and including use of
debuggers, IDE's, version control, etc. Knowledge of object oriented

* Skill to write budgets and perform cost/benefit analysis on
alternate budget scenarios, alternate system configurations and
alternate staffing approaches to development and management

* Knowledge of web database application development technologies
including XML, HTML, CSS, CGI, SSL and including knowledge of Apache
web server and Tomcat application server. Knowledge of java

* Knowledge of TCP/IP networking, especially as it related to database
protocols and network communication between database servers and
clients (and application servers and database backend).

* Knowledge of Unix system administration on Solaris and Linux systems
including knowledge of file system configuration (LVM, ZFS, NFS, etc),
distributed directories (eg LDAP, NIS), security monitoring software
(Nagios, Nessus, etc), network debugging software (eg nmap), hardware
configuration, and standard unix tools (vi, awk, sed, etc). Specific
knowledge of Redhat/Fedora and Ubuntu versions of Linux. Experience
with TCP/IP and Unix TCP/IP network services.

* Knowledge of Windows operating systems and OS X operating systems.

* Knowledge of virtual machine environments.

* Knowledge of XML technologies including XSL/T.

* Demonstrated experience working in a development/system support team
environment. Experience directing the work of others, including
setting priorities and providing clear directions, instructions and

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