[Jobposts] Linux Kernel and Linux Device Driver developers

Dan Fick dfick at lightfleet.com
Wed Feb 27 23:10:31 UTC 2008

Lightfleet is looking for Linux Kernel and Linux Device Driver developers of
all levels.  Whether you're an Architect, early in your career, or anything
in between we want to get to know you as there is great potential for a


If you're not familiar with Lightfleet, please allow me to provide a brief


Lightfleet is an emerging pre-IPO company that has invented the world's
first free-space broadcast optical interconnect. Simply put, Lightfleet has
created a new way for computers to communicate using light instead of wires.
Lightfleet's Corowave technology streamlines computer-to-computer
communication by empowering computers to directly talk to each other over
short distances through the air with broadcast light. 

Why is this important? 

Lightfleet's technology solves the two biggest issues that are currently
crippling data centers and data storage and those issues are processing
power and electricity.  

The biggest technology revolution in the way we work, learn, play, and
interact with the world has just begun. The growing tidal wave of demand for
digital data is unprecedented and will continue to grow geometrically in
size for many years to come. 

These highly dense computer installations produce a lot of heat that also
must be removed and this can quickly more than double the total electrical
power consumed.  

(In fact, CIO magazine recently predicted that in as little as three years
electricity costs could be more than 22 times the cost of hardware.

Our product is significantly faster, smaller, lighter, and uses 1/3 of the
energy of the competition.


Check out our website (www.lightfleet.com <http://www.lightfleet.com/> ),
think it over, and if you would like to learn more, please send your resume
(or background) to careers at lightfleet.com or give me a call at 360-816-2817.


Additional Information


Titles: Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Staff Software

Name of Company: Lightfleet Corporation (www.lightfleet.com
<http://www.lightfleet.com/> )

Location: Camas, WA - A suburb of Portland, OR 

Name of Recruiting Company: None.  This is a direct hire position and I am
an employee of Lightfleet.

My Name: Dan Fick

Country: USA

Will we accept International Applications: Unfortunately not at this time.

Are pre-existing work visas required: Yes, unfortunately this is the case.

Is Relocation Allowance part of the Offer: Possibly but most likely not.

Is Telecommunication Allowed: Some telecommuting may be possible but we
expect you to be on-site the vast majority of the time.


Thank you and best regards,


Dan Fick

Lightfleet Corporation

(360) 816-2817

dfick at lightfleet.com

www.lightfleet.com <http://www.lightfleet.com/> 


(If you're an outside Recruiter or a Staffing Agency, please do not respond
to this message.  Thank you for your understanding).



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