[Jobposts] Open Source - PHP Developer

Brenda Wallace brenda at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Aug 26 22:54:23 UTC 2008

Catalyst IT - Wellington New Zealand

Seeking a developer to join Wellington-based team building apps and 
infrastructure for Telcos. The role includes time playing with shiny new 

You will be building applications that are accessed over wap, sms, mms, as 
well as services within a telco. You will be working with webservices and 
realtime billing scenarios.

Required skills:
Excellent knowledge of PHP - 4 / 5.
SQL database experience (preferably open source).
Linux or *nix.
Version control system experience.

Beneficial skills: (or an interest in learning)
(open) Solaris
other cool stuff

The role will include liaising with clients, identifying requirements, and 
estimating time required. You'll need the kind of communications and social 
skills that underpin successful open source projects.

Catalyst is an Open Source solutions provider and contributor. Past 
contributions to open source projects, if any, should be included in CV.

Some 100 of the best and brightest open source specialists work for Catalyst 
in Wellington New Zealand. During the last 10 years, Catalyst has cultivated 
a unique working environment ideally suited to talented, creative and 
commited open source developers.

From Day One, you'll be setting up your own machine with the tools you need to 
collaborate with clients and your project teams, and to get the job done. IRC 
and the Catalyst Wiki will get you up to speed, and keep you there, day to 

Catalyst's Pizza Thursday is a chance to showcase your technical interests and 
the achievements of your projects. If pizza is not your thing, there's Curry 
Wednesday and delicious Catalyst fresh-made bread on Friday to enjoy with a 
beer or two amongst friends. 

In between, of course, everyone at Catalyst is there to provide the very best 
in open source development, systems management and client support. That means 
taking individual responsibility and working flexibly with those around you 
to make things happen for some significant clients running business-critical 

You must be eligible to work in NZ to apply for this role.


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