[Jobposts] Linux Software Engineer position

Jannie Huie jannie at gti.com
Thu Jan 25 15:22:06 UTC 2007

We are looking for a contractor or perm with the

Candidate would work on developing VPN appliance.

Linux internals expert.  Kernel internals and
user-space development, distribution development and
maintenance, LFS, BusyBox etc., embedded Linux.
Linux network (and network security) services
expertise – especially, IPSec (OpenSwan), NetFilter
(was IPTables), (nf-HiPAC), classification, marking,
shaping, TC (quedisc), Routing especially OSPF, BGP a
plus, GRE.

Linux deployed VoIP infrastructure internals
implementation – especially SIP proxy, ALG, SBC, etc.
Also, PKI infrastructure.

Skills required:

A candidate would need a sound knowledge of the

-        Java (JNI, threading, Networking, JSSE)
-        C/C++ (glibc, posix)
-        Perl
-        Shell scripting (eg bash)
-        TCP/IP networking (including routing)
-        Linux (kernel, firewalling/netfilter,
routing), general knowledge of what goes into a
-        IPSec

Location: MA

Please send resume to jannie at gti.com and/or contact
603-579-0393 for details.

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