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Networking Software Engineer - Mountain View

This position is based in Mountain View, CA.

We are looking for experienced Software Engineers to work on next
generation networking systems, protocols & applications. You will help
change the way people think about Google and the Internet.

The ideal candidate will have strong system building expertise coupled
with knowledge of networking protocols and should be familiar with
embedded systems or host network stack environments.


    * BS in computer science or equivalent. MS or PhD is a plus.
    * Exceptional C++/C programming skills
    * 3+ years experience in software/algorithm/protocol design,
      preferably in networking protocols or distributed systems.
    * Strong foundation in networking, and have developed systems in
      several networking areas, including TCP/IP, Ethernet, and
    * Linux experience preferred.

Networking, Hardware Engineer - Mountain View

This position is based in Mountain View, CA.

Google is looking for Hardware Engineers to develop the next
generation networking technologies for all our services. This includes
specification, design, testing, and manufacturing of innovative
networking solutions that break industry price/performance barriers.
The ideal candidat es will have a broad background in electrical
engineering and computer science, that includes recent development of
Ethernet NIC and/or switching systems at Gigabit and 10 Gigabit
interface rates.

NIC Designers ideally have experience in:

    * PC/server chipsets and peripherals.
    * BIOS, driver, and Linux kernel development.
    * High performance bus and memory systems.
    * FPGA/ASIC development.

Switch Designers ideally have experience in:

    * High speed interfaces including copper and optical interconnect.
    * 1000BASE-T and 10GBASE physical layer interfaces.
    * High speed memory systems.
    * Embedded processor subsystem design.
    * Packaging issues with embedded systems.


    * BS or MS in Electrical or Computer Engineering or equivalent,
      with strong emphasis on computer circuit design (PhD a plus).
    * Familiarity with network hardware design, and bring-up
      experience of both FPGA-based and ASIC-based solutions.
    * Thorough knowledge of component level and integrated system
    * Experience releasing products to high volume manufacturing.
    * Passion for delivering robust, cost-effective products.

Networking Test Engineer - Mountain View

This position is available in Mountain View, CA.

The area: Google Platforms

Google's global deployment of custom-designed machines has created one of
the largest and most powerful computing infrastructures in existence:
cutting-edge innovation on a huge scale. The Platforms team designs and
builds the software, hardware, computing platform and networking
technologies that power all of Google's services.

The Role: Networking Test Engineer - Mountain View

Google is looking for experienced network system test engineers to
join ourworld-class development team and work on feature and system
level testing of
networking equipment and infrastructure. You will help change the way
peoplethink about Google and the Internet. The
ideal candidate will have hands-on experience with networking equipment, an
understanding of networking protocols, experience in testing, a background
in IP network design, operations, or management, and a passion
fordelivering top quality products.


   - Design, develop, and execute test plans for networking features,
   equipment, and systems.
   - Contribute to the design of new networking systems.
   - Working with and/or developing test automation tools.
   - Certify software releases for general use.
   - Working with development teams to develop software and hardware


   - BS in computer science or equivalent. MS or PhD is a plus
   - Experience working with and testing multiple L2 and L3 networking
   - Knowledge and experience with standard protocols such as LACP,
   802.1x, etc.
   - Experience testing and releasing networking products.
   - A strong understanding of networking systems including TCP/IP and
   - Linux experience is a plus.
   - C/C++ and scripting skills are a plus.
   - Experience in supporting, implementing and/or designing networks is
   a plus.

Networking, Hardware Testing Engineer - Mountain View

This position is based in Mountain View, CA.

Google is looking for a Hardware Testing Engineer to join our world-
class networking equipment design team. The ideal candidate will have
a solid networking equipment hardware testing background, basic
embedded system software and Linux kernel experience, and a passion
for delivering top quality products.


    * Assist in the design, bring-up and testing of new network
    * Build engineering prototypes.
    * Prepare, setup, and run a broad suite of tests on network
      hardware and systems.
    * Help to evaluate mechanical, electrical, and thermal performance
      of components and systems.
    * Set up and maintain the space, tools, and materials of a
      hardware R&D lab.
    * Interface with contract manufacturers and production test
      technicians to resolve issues.
    * Troubleshoot new board-level computer hardware and electro-
      mechanical systems.
    * Perform root-cause failure analysis and drive issues to closure.

    * BA/BS degree in Electrical Engineering or related disciplines.
    * Familiarity with test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, logic
      analyzers and data acquisition systems.
    * Good understanding of the physics underlying electrical,
      electronic, and thermal devices.
    * Very high level of attention to detail; noticing and responding
      to contributory factors not part of the original test plan.
    * Knowledge of Unix/Linux and shell scripting.
    * Ability to program in Python or C++ is a plus.
    * Excellent communication and documentation skills.
    * Able to read and understand mechanical drawings and electronic

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