[Jobposts] OS Kernel Engineers Needed

Marcus Walton mwalton at vmware.com
Sat May 27 05:22:06 EST 2006

We are looking for talented Engineers who want to work on a dynamic and
innovated team.  Engineers with the following backgrounds are being
considered at this time;


*	Core Kernel Development experience (UNIX Linux Windows).  C
programming.  System Architecture and Algorithms.  Must have passion in
writing quality code that is well architected and documented.  Optimization
of Kernel Code and using Algorithms to write optimization Code.  Memory
Management, CPU Scheduling and Power Management experience desired.


*	Strong analytical and debugging skills in developing modular and
extensible OS code in C.  Experience in performance characteristics of kernel
code and how to optimize it.  Strong background in hardware and architecture.
Extensive low-level kernel code development.  Track record in developing
successful products from inception to delivery.  Intel CPU and server base
architecture.  Distributed Systems knowledge.


Please forward your resume and emails to mwalton at vmware.com

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