[Jobposts] Gifted graduate needed to work in England for 2 weeks

Rupert Douglas-Bate rupertdouglas at googlemail.com
Fri May 19 21:27:48 EST 2006

Knowledge Management Website - by Rupert Douglas from UK

I have been building a very user friendly website with a friendly
international team of coders and graphics people. It is not yet complete,
but it is getting there. The road has been a long one, to this point. The
site is about 80% complete, but for some edits and a 'we are meeting page'.

We need an appropriate person who might be a gifted young man or woman who
has recently graduated and who would like to add some good material to their
resume, as at this point I simply cannot afford a high rate of pay. The
person must be able to prove they are very good at php, java and mysql by
sending names and numbers of two or three work, or academic, referees.
Copies of exam certificates would also help.

However I do have ambitious plans to broadcast the site to some 250,000
business people as a result of being a member of the highly respected a)
Federation of Small Business (UK) and b) Business West (west of England
Chamber of Commerce).

Whoever gets this position will have their name and photo will be on my site
and therefore be exposed to this potential customer base which could help
their career.

One helpful option would be for this person to come and actually live at my
house which I share with my partner, in England on the Hungerford
Park Estate near Newbury, Berkshire, for 2 weeks and do the coding all in
one go. For the right person, I could pay air ticket and all transport and
accommodation costs.

I have all the facilities here - computer, broadband, great food, quiet
country walks for rest moments etc. Being here means the ideas can go easily
between us.

Actually the site is all about people meeting over good food to share
knowledge, so it is consistent with the central idea or ethos :-)

I have heard the Polish coders are amongst the best in the world, prove me
right, or prove me wrong   :-)

Please send your offers including:-

i) resume ii) three references iii) exam certificates iv) rate of pay you
are content with


Rupert Douglas

rupertdouglas at googlemail.com

Thank you.

"All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men (and women) to do
Edmund Burke

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