[Jobposts] Position in NYC

Gloria strangest at comcast.net
Thu May 11 14:32:08 EST 2006

Hi, this is Gloria.

I am De-lurking to post a job opening here.

No one has permission to repost or pass along this job posting.

Here is the description from the CTO:

goal: improve reliability (and later velocity) through PairProgramming with GloriaW.

job desc:

XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX, Inc., a startup in New York City, seeks an addition 
to its small tech team. We make a system designed to help family members 
monitor the health of a senior citizen living alone, through an 
inexpensive system of motion sensors.

The responsibilities for the position include:

    * Writing code in Python and Zope, both for web interface and
      back-end batch calculations. SQL
      <http://wiki.quietcaresystems.com/SQL> database is central to the
      system. Pair-programming will be used extensively.
    * Administering servers (accounts, backup, maintenance, networking,
      etc.) (servers are hosted at Rackspace, and we have a primary
      in-house sysadmin, so there's not much of this)
    * Responding to server outage events (keep cell-phone on to get
      pages) (mostly as backup to SA?
      plus in case a subsystem you "own" has a problem)
    * Performing some in-house technical support (as backup to existing
      support team, if they're in the field)

Skills required:

    * Software development in lean/agile environment. Automated test
    * Communication: with technical and non-technical staff; oral and
      written (wiki, email).
    * Software development collaborative practices: team-based analysis
      and design, documentation, source-code tracking, etc.

Personal attributes:

    * Comfortable in start-up environment: ongoing change in plans; lack
      of support staff; need for self-management via constant dialogue; etc.


    * Bachelors Degree in technical field from accredited university.
    * 5+ years of software development.

Here is what I'm going to be looking for during an interview:

Experience with UNIX OS at the 'light' admin level (know how to create a 
new rc.d start/stop script. Know cron, etc. Know the run levels, etc.)

Know some form of scripting in sh/ksh/bash, FSF GNU tools, or PERL.

Know OO design & development concepts. Demonstrate a problem you have 
solved using these concepts.

If you do not have exposure to all of this, but you have some of it, and 
you're a quick study, I will train you as a junior developer. If you 
have this exposure, you will be treated as a senior developer. In either 
case, we'll be sitting side-by-side, day in and out, and you will learn 
everything I know.

Please respond directly to my personal e-mail address: 
strangest at comcast.net with a resume and brief cover letter. The salary 
is negotiable and very fair. It is NYC after all, so salary is 
determined by your experience.

This could be a very suitable job for anyone who wants to come in as a 
junior, learn Python, and web framework apps written in and for Python, 
and Postgresql. 

This is not a telecommuting or Summer intern position. 

Thank you, and good luck,

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