[Jobposts] Melbourne, Australia - Programmer and Sysadmin positions available

Jessica Smith crystalsinger at mail.com
Tue Jun 27 07:54:32 UTC 2006

Hi all,

My exployer is hiring again - a programmer *and* a sysadmin position 
this time.
Contact details are below, please don't e-mail me about it...  :-)



-------- Position 1 --------

Subject: Programmer position available
From:     Kevin Littlejohn <darius at obsidian.com.au>

Obsidian Consulting Group is currently looking for a new programmer.  
Successful applicant should have some experience with Python, and 
preferably some exposure to developing applications in Zope (although 
this is not absolutely required).  This is a mid-to-senior role, 
involving development and implementation of a mixed Zope/SQL system 
to client specifications.  We will consider a range of previous 
experience, and may hire either mid-level or senior, but really 
require either familiarity with python or similar, and preferably 
some experience doing development work in a team.

This job is for people able to work from our Coburg, Melbourne office 
- currently, we are not considering teleworkers.  We offer a friendly 
environment with clueful staff, and a variety of interesting 
projects. We specialise in web-based application development, and 
development/sale of a billing system for ISPs.  We do most of our 
work in Python and use Zope fairly extensively.  We work almost 
exclusively with Open Source based tech.

The project in question involves design and development for a built-
from-scratch web-based reporting/database system, and maintenance/
upgrade work on an existing large custom-built content management 
system.  This would be done as part of a small team of developers, 
alongside others working on other projects.

Interested parties should forward their resume in text or an open 
document format to jobs at obsidian.com.au.


-------- Position 2 --------

Subject:  Wanted: Systems Administrator/Support
From:     Kevin Littlejohn <darius at obsidian.com.au>

Obsidian Consulting Group is looking for a new full-time systems
administrator, working out of our offices in Coburg, Melbourne.
Successful applicant would preferably have some previous experience with
systems administration on a Linux platform.  Some knowledge of  
would also be looked upon favourably.

Duties will include systems administration for a small network providing
web hosting services to clients, as well as some support for in-
office PCs
and network, and support for specific client servers.  Our  
environment is
currently mostly Debian, with some RedHat thrown in.  This position
 would suit someone new to the field, perhaps with previous support  
experience and a wish to get into systems administration.  More  
applicants are welcome, but we're targeting junior to mid-level -  
this is not
really a senior sysadmin position.

Obsidian manage a web hosting system, and do software development for
large web-based applications.  We also develop and market a billing
system for ISPs and telcos.  We have a very friendly work environment,
and are most interested in employing people eager to broaden their own

Please send resumes to jobs at obsidian.com.au in plain text, pdf, or
open document format only.


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