[Jobposts] Job Openings: Senior developers and test engineers of several stripes

Val Henson val.henson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 18:48:54 UTC 2006

A good friend of mine is hiring for his start-up.  It involves saving
the world from viruses - a quote from the Washington Post article on
their company:

"Revive Systems makes "self-healing" network security software that
acts as a temporary fix during the time between a "worm" attack and
the release of a software patch. This period of vulnerability can last
from several days to several months."

It sounds like a fun work environment and a job you can believe in.
While they prefer people located near Virginia, telecommuting and
visas will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



Included is our job description for multiple senior developers.
Person must live within commuting distance of Vienna, Virginia or be
willing to relocate.  We will pay for relocation.



Developers: If you think the job description below sounds like you,
please send us a résumé, in PLAIN ASCII or PDF form, to:
mailto:people at revivesystems.com.

Do you want to lead the development of real technology that will defend
networked systems against previously-unknown (0-day) threats?

Does the idea of "self-healing software" sound intriguing? Have the
uptimes of production applications you've written been measured in
years rather than days?

If so, you may be someone we'd like to meet.

Revive Systems is seeking exceptional and experienced Software
Engineers to develop our next-generation self-healing software

The ideal candidate may have built high-availability network-facing
applications, such as in an e-commerce, large ISP, financial, or
hosting provider environment.

We're building a small but exceptional team to deliver the next big
enhancement to system reliability and security.

Revive Systems is looking for developers who will help us design fun
into our work culture.  We're optimizing for mutual respect, trust,
humor,kindness, healthy skepticism, "truthiness":
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truthiness, and random acts of absurdity.

We want selfwinding people who know how to build a bottom up schedule
and hit their dates.

Current Linux and UNIX systems programming experience is highly
preferred. Current experience with multiple languages, particularly C
and Java, is required.

1.  We need at least one person with expertise in complex finite
state-machine grammar or compiler development. Experience with TXL is a

2.  We need one developer who is passionate about Source Code Control
and willing to maintain the proper environment and practices as part of
their software development duties.

3.  We need one developer with excellent GUI design and implementation
skills and experience generating reports that wow customers.

4.  We need a hands on Test Manager or Senior Tester - preferably one
with experience building test networks where live attacks can be safely

5.  We need a senior systems programmer with Linux development and
configuration expertise.

Experience with networked TCP/IP production applications is critical.

Security expertise is a major plus.

The ideal candidates will have led the development of or authored
complex commercial network application products or significant open
source applications, particularly those deployed in high-availability

Required Technology Skills:

* Experience building (and managing the development of) commercial
high-reliability TCP/IP applications in the UNIX and Linux environments
as commercial products or for large enterprise production operations.

* Working C knowledge essential.

* Linux and UNIX systems programming experience is highly desirable.

* High-availability Linux & UNIX network application programming
experience is essential.

· MS-Windows network server development experience a plus.

* Working knowledge of the internals of most popular open-source Linux
& UNIX network applications such as Apache, Tomcat, BIND,
Postgres/PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sendmail, etc. is highly desirable.

* Experience with a variety of finite state machine grammar transforms,
lexical analyzers, and parsers is very highly desirable. Working
knowledge of the TXL language is preferred.

* Experience developing/extending virtual machines or virtualization
environments is desirable.

* Experience with commercial software test cycles from alpha test
through general availability, including management of customer beta
test campaigns, is required. We will consider candidates who have
performed equivalent work within very large enterprises.

* Advanced network security knowledge is a major plus.

* Commercial enterprise software product management experience is

Revive Systems is based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Developers: If you think this sounds like you, please send us a
résumé, in plain ASCII or PDF form, to:

mailto:people at revivesystems.com

No phone calls or recruiters, please.

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