[Jobposts] Google Hardware Operations Team Manager

Gail Bautista gail at google.com
Thu Oct 6 10:03:03 EST 2005

Google Hardware Operations Team Manager
This position is based in Atlanta, GA.

Google has built one of the largest server farms in the world. We are
looking for a manager to lead a team of datacenter technicians responsible
for maintaining our computer and network infrastructure. It is your job to
motivate this technical team so that they are efficiently deploying new
servers, fixing broken servers, installing new networking infrastructure,
etc. At the scale you will be dealing with, there will be many complex
processes and technical challenges that you will have to help your team
solve. Do not apply for this position unless you have a solid background in
Linux system administration, PC hardware, networking, and datacenter


    * Take full responsibility for prioritizing the tasks presented to the
    * Be the contact point for the group in all corporate interactions.
    * Manage troubleshooting and incident reports.
    * Work with the full operations group and with Google's strategic
planners to help design each new generation of our computing and network
    * Take responsibility for the implementation of projects for your team,
which can involve programming, procurement, deployment, maintenance,
troubleshooting, education, and emergency response. 


    * BS or BA in a technical field.
    * 4+ years experience with Linux system administration.
    * 3+ years as a manager of system administrators.
    * Solid understanding of PC hardware architecture, maintenance, and
    * 3+ years experience working in datacenters and building out server
farm infrastructure.
    * Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

Since this is a temporary assignment, you must be authorized to work for any
employer in the U.S. No telecommuting. If you are interested, please send
your resume to gail at google.com.

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