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Subject: 	(Oakland, CA, US) Babeland looking for a programmer/analyst
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Babeland (formerly known as Toys in Babeland), the fabulously famous,

fun, feisty, and feminist women-owned sex toy company, is looking for a 
programmer/analyst to join our team! This person will provide general 
programming and systems administration support for our Web site and Web 

First and foremost, candidates should in tune with our mission:

Babeland is a sex toy retailer run by women whose mission is to promote 
and celebrate sexual vitality by providing an honest, open and fun 
environment, encouraging personal empowerment, educating our community, 
and supporting a more passionate world for us all. We offer top quality 
products, a pleasant place to shop, and most of all information and 
encouragement for those who want to explore their sexuality. At Toys in 
Babeland we believe that everyone has a right to consensual sexual pleasure.

As the slash suggests, this is a hybrid job. It involves both 
programming and also some non-programming tasks.

The programming part of the job includes working on our Web site. We use 
a variety of programming languages, so candidates should be able to 
learn new langauges quickly (some which might only be used for short 
projects). Python programming experience is a big plus, particularly if 
it includes Zope or Plone. Candidates should be familiar with agile 
development techniques.  Miva experience would be helpful, too. 
Eventually, this position might also be doing Ruby on Rails development 
(we have another programmer working on a Rails project).

Our Web servers run Linux, so candidates should be familiar with Linux 
or other Unix-like operating systems, and be able to install packages, 
including compiling from source. We use RedHat on the Web servers, and 
SuSe and Debian in-house. We also run Windows (we know -- ick!) and Mac 

The non-programming responsibilities involve a lot of analysis (hence 
the title) and maybe even some programming, after all. These include 
analyzing Web logs and other data to feed into our PPC campaigns, 
running our PPC campaigns, and doing search engine optimization on our 
pages. This includes comparing our search results with others, analyzing 
traffic patterns, tweaking Web pages, and providing reports for 
management. Experience with these would be great, but not required.

Here is a sampling of some things this position will be responsible for:

* Plone, including basic maintenance (administration, upgrades, viewing 
logs, etc.), programming (Python), modifying Zope Page Templates, and 
installing new products.

* General programming tasks. When we have a choice in languages, we'll 
prefer to use either Python or Ruby

* Miva, including modifying store templates and writing modules in 

* Web log analysis. This may involve a programmatic solution in addition 
to tools such as Urchin.

* PPC campaign.

* Web search engine optimization.

* General Linux systems administration.

* Setting up a new affiliates program. This includes modifying the Plone 
and Miva pages to support an external affiliates service, tying the 
service into our own data, and running reports.

* HTML and JavaScript.

* Report writing. Data will need to be drawn from XML, Microsoft Access, 
MySQL, log files, and probably some other random, obscure, and possibly 
odious data sources.

* Provide backup for the rest of the IT team, including general Windows 
and Mac OS X support.

This position pays 40-50k, depending on experience.

Please e-mail cover letter and resume to: jobs-programmer at babeland.com


Your friends at Babeland

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