[Jobposts] Linux Filesystems Developer (Linux, Unix or any OpenSource) San Francisco, USA Full-Time Position

Gregg Ruoti greggr at transquest.com
Fri May 14 12:24:41 EST 2004

Gregg Ruoti
Director Business Development
408.261.8880 Office
greggr at transquest.com
TransQuest Ventures, Inc.

I am working on behalf of a SFO based software vendor that has formerly
retained our search firm to help them identify an accomplished Open
Systems (or traditional Unix) FILESYSTEMS DEVELOPER.  The work will be
released under GPL and will offer the hired individual that much more
visibility in the Open Source world. 
Our client has an impressive management team which includes one of the
originators of SGI's IRIX, a former Wind River senior executive at the
CxO level as well as former IBM Labs & Apple Labs people in their core
engineering team.  The person you would work with directly has a PhD and
several patents to his name.
I understand from my client that the hired individual will have the
freedom & opportunity to build changes to the filesystem's robustness to
malicious modification, and greatly enhance its auditing capabilities,
etc.  This includes, but is not limited to defining what actions the
filesystem will automatically take to changes, etc. The challenges of
this filesystem work should make it attractive to the more creative
The position is located in San Francisco, California, USA.  My client
prefers the hired candidate in SFO all year long, but for a proven
professional they are willing to have the engineer work the first 6-9
months in SFO.  After that they the hired individual will be able to
telecommute remotely 3 weeks a month from within US or Canada (depending
on this person's ability to communicate effectively with the core
engineering team in SFO).
As you are well aware, there are very few engineers that have actually
developed a true disk-based filesystem OR made critical enhancements to
one.  Though not all candidates may have all the skills my client
requires,  I want to 'strongly emphasize' they will place a lot of
weight on aptitude.   So if you've only worked briefly with the file
system layer, they are flexible in their hiring approach.

I would be glad to share more information if this sounds interesting and
candidates want to explore it for themselves or for any of their
professional acquaintances (through SIGs, peers, etc.).
Obviously, we would be grateful for any referral.  If that does happen
and we are successful in a hire, I am prepared to donate to a users your
favorite SIG/User group, pay for a training class or offer a referral
bonus to you to fund a trip to a conference, etc. 

Detailed requirements below
Position info:
This is my confidential client's most critical & visible position for
building their next generation architecture to be deployed on the Intel
platform. In the area of Linux management & deployment software, they
are one of the few proven sources for their line of robust Linux
solutions for the enterprise level customer. They are a small firm that
is breaking ground with the commercial potential of Linux.
6 figure package.  This is a full-time position is to be located in the
Northern California Bay Area headquarters. Assistance with relocation
expenses for the right individual(s).


**Professional experience focused in the development or critical
enhancements of disk based Filesystems, not network filesystems. (Though
NFS, cifs, or samba design skills are fine to have, it is not applicable
to this position)

**Development in Unix compatible filesystems such as AIX, Solaris, *BSD,
**Worked with at least one of the following:
-Linux Inodes
-Unix Vnodes
**Done development within the VFS (Virtual System File Layer)
**Must be familiar with the architecture of any of the following

-EXT2 or EXT3 filesystem -jfs filesystem (any variant of IBM's journaled
file system technology) 
-reiserfs filesystem (Reiser4)
-XFS (SGI's filesystem)
-HFS+ (Mac OS-X)
-VxFS (Veritas)
-ufs (Berkeley BSD filesystem)
-Any Open Source Operating System's filesystem

**At least 1 required:  US Citizenship; Canadian Citizenship; US
Permanent Residency Status; or Current US H1 Visa
Gregg Ruoti
Director Business Development
408.261.8880 Office
greggr at transquest.com
TransQuest Ventures, Inc.

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