[Jobposts] Sydney C job

LinuxChix Coordinator jenn at linuxchix.org
Thu Feb 12 09:12:42 EST 2004

(Forwarded with permission)

Dear Jenn,
My name is Jay, and I'm a sydney based entrepreneur. I found the
linuxchix website through linux australia.I needed your help.
The reason for this email was, our company, chitah , which is a start up
based in sydney, is currently designing a very exciting new technology
product for women , and we were currently looking for a C programmer,
who would like to help us build some applications for this product.
We prefer to have a female programmer working on this project, since a
female input into a product designed for women makes sense.
Would you be able to make recommendations on any programmers that you
might know, since you are well connected in this area ? location isn't
Any help would be appreciated
If you require more info please let me know
Thank you in advance
Jay Aggarwal

jay at chitah dot com
LinuxChix Coordinator <jenn at linuxchix.org>

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