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yasha yasha at harari.org
Thu Sep 11 21:47:04 EST 2003

dear linuxchix :) 
i am looking to hire {one} qualified linuxchix php/phpnuke/mysql programmer 
who can handle stuff like merge/purge between tables / databases in mysql 
(using command line and phpmyadmin interfaces), fixing or rewriting pages in 
php / phpnuke, and writing the code to create the apps which we have 
developed and would like to implement. 
the "big picture" requirements to succeed in doing our projects are: 
If you have these three requirements under your belt, here are the details: 
you must know how to use ssh and you must be comfy operating in a linux 
(slackware) environment, over tcp/ip, both in x windows and command line. all 
of our projects require this knowledge. 
as stated at the start, php, phpnuke, and mysql are generally necessary for 
our projects. there are 2 projects right now that require these skills. 
it is helpful if you know postfix (mta) and ecartis (list server) and can handle cgi 
and perl. there is one project right now that requires these skills. 
it should go without saying (but it doesn't) that you must be organized and 
clear in your coding and documentation. 
our freelance projects are generally easy, quick, fun, and pay real money.  a 
typical project will take a seasoned programmer between 10 minutes and 2 
hours. we have a few such projects on the plate right away, and there are 
always more projects every couple months (typically). 
we pay "per project" rates. the rates are reasonable. you're probably not going 
to retire on our loot, but you probably won't sneeze at it, either. unless you 
really don't want some extra cash in exchange for doing a cool project. :) 
if you think you would like some money for simple solid programming work, 
please send your CV or URLs of note, to me:  yasha at harari.org 
thanks and i really hope to hear from some linuxchix :) 
yasha harari 
yasha at harari.org 
aim: thexdose 
icq: 30147063 
msn im: laughzilla at hotmail.com 
yahoo im: laughzilla 
+972-53-420-194 - direct in israel 
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