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>Subject: [RIDERS] Groundspring.org is Hiring a Senior Software Engineer
>Dear Friends,
>Groundspring.org is Hiring a Senior Software Engineer, based in our San
>Francisco office.  I would appreciate your help in circulating this job
>--Michael Stein
>Associate Director
>Job Announcement: Senior Software Engineer
>Position Summary
>Groundspring.org (formerly eGrants.org), a member of the Tides Family of
>Organizations, helps nonprofit organizations grow with Internet tools,
>training, and techniques. Founded in 1999, Groundspring.org serves more than
>700 organizations, and has processed more than $5 million in online
>donations.  This position is responsible for the development and deployment
>of the next generation of software products for Groundspring.org.
>Principal Job Duties
>* Work with the Engineering team in the design of the new versions of
>existing products (DonateNow, EmailNow and EBase Enterprise).
>* Interact with other Groundspring's personnel and customers to build the
>product specification.
>* Lead the implementation of the open source version of some of the above
>* Build test scripts and unit tests to make sure the implementation conforms
>to the specification.
>* Document the architecture of the system along with code documentation
>using systems similar to JavaDoc or DocBook.
>* Deploy the products in a development and production environment.
>Key Relationships
>Work collaboratively with other Groundspring staff and customers on product
>specification.  Work closely with Groundspring engineering team in product
>design and implementation. Reports directly to the Groundspring Chief
>Technical Officer.
>* Must have at least 3 years experience as a software developer involved in
>the design and development of high availability/high-volume web based
>applications using open-source software
>* BS/MS in CS or related field.
>* Proficient in Linux / Unix operating system.
>* Strong knowledge of at least one scripting language (preferably perl or
>python), and fluent with programming in either C++ or Java.
>* Knowledge of various web / mail protocols (http, https, SMTP, XML).
>* Knowledge of Mailing Managers (MailMan, Sympa etc), and mail delivery
>programs (sendmail, postfix etc) would be useful.
>* Working knowledge of opensource databases (mysql / postgres). Knowledge of
>Database design, SQL and stored procedures is a plus.
>* Experience with e-commerce / financial applications / payment systems
>would be useful.
>* Significant experience designing/implementing CRM or Content Management
>applications highly desirable.
>* Ability to work independently and multitask as part of a fast-paced,
>dynamic team. Flexibility to adjust to new priorities.
>* Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to develop excellent working
>relationships with individuals with different communication styles in a
>multicultural environment.
>* Physical requirements: 8+hrs of sitting, walking, talking and listening.
>Able to lift up to 25-lbs. Close vision to read monitors. 7+hrs. computer
>work per day.
>* Share a commitment to Groundspring's mission and values, and strong
>interest in the development of technology in nonprofit sector.
>Work Schedule: Full-time
>Salary Range: $65,000 - $75,000
>Work site: Presidio National Park, San Francisco, CA USA
>To apply, email a resume and a detailed cover letter to:
>tech_jobs at groundspring.org
>. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
>M I C H A E L   S T E I N             www.groundspring.org
>Associate Director, Groundspring.org (formerly eGrants.org)
>Growing nonprofits with Internet tools and training
>    DonateNow: accept credit card donations through your website
>    EmailNow: send eNewsletters and communicate with supporters
>phone 415-561-7848     email mstein at groundspring.org
>P.O. Box 29256, San Francisco, CA 94129-0256
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