[Jobposts] Kabissa seeks open source code warrior as volunteer

Tobias Eigen tobias at kabissa.org
Fri Dec 6 16:21:55 EST 2002


At Kabissa, our mission is to use technology to strengthen organizations
working to improve the lives of people in Africa.  From our office in
Takoma Park, Maryland, we provide services to the African non-profit
community ranging from free web hosting to conducting capacity-building
workshops on using the Internet effectively.  We're growing fast and
looking for some committed, motivated volunteers to help us out. 

Right now, we are particularly keen to find a volunteer willing to
commit at least 10 hours per week to assist us with our open source
projects and to keep our Redhat 7.2 linux server running smoothly. The
volunteer can work from home, but must be able to come to our office
from time to time, in particular in the beginning. Position might evolve
into paid work (part time, full time or occasional) depending on whether
or not you will be able to work on paid projects. 

Volunteer must be very skilled at the linux command line, creating
scripts, installing RPMs and open source applications from tarfiles, and
coding in the PHP/Mysql/Apache environment. Perl and Python familiarity
would help. Willingness to learn and ability to scour the net for
solutions a must. Below is a list of some of the open source projects we
have going - and would like to take up with your help. 

Please contact me at tobias at kabissa.org or 301-270-6705 if you are

Best wishes, 


Kabissa - Space for change in Africa

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Some projects we have going right now include: 

* www4mail - web-to-email gateway providing access to Web pages for
African users that only have access to Email. We are currently in
discussions with the original developers of www4mail and operators of
www4mail servers to carry out a project to improve the user-friendliness
and fix bugs. More info here: http://www.kabissa.org/members/www4mail/

* IMP webmail - upgrading to IMP 3.1 and implementing all the very
useful features in the Horde framework (See http://horde.org) for the
benefit of Kabissa members. 

* Mailman - currently running version 2.0.11 and need to investigate
whether or not to upgrade to 2.1 - or switch to a different mailing list
processor altogether like Sympa. (http://www.list.org)

* Pambazuka News - Popular weekly newsletter (10,000 subscribers) based
on PHP/Mysql custom scripts and Mailman. 

* Member Directory - PHP/Mysql custom scripts (needs major overhaul) 

* PHPBB Bulletin Board

Projects we'd like to start on soon with your help: 

* EasyPublish (or similar CMS) - both for our own purpose and for
helping us to quickly set up website projects for our members. 

* Spam Assassin


* Shared IMAP folders for Kabissa members

* EWMS = email website management system (see

* Server usage stats - 

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