[IndiChix] Proposal: Workshops instead of meetups

cocoa cocoa1231 at disroot.org
Tue Jan 8 19:14:59 UTC 2019

On 1/7/19 10:25 PM, Shivani Bhardwaj wrote:
> Hello, everyone!
> We just had a community call in which we discussed the following:
> - Birthday meetup highlights
> - Proposal for workshops instead of meetups
> Proposal for workshops
> --------------------------------
> LinuxChix India in its old days hosted Linux Labs for women. Old
> members we could have a little help here about the pattern of Linux
> Labs back in those days.
> The proposal for now is we stop hosting the bi-weekly meetups and
> instead have quarterly Linux workshops for women and LGBTQ only as
> mentees.
> Reasons for coming up with this:
> - We do not have enough volunteers to take care of everything at the
> frequency of 15 days or a month
> - The community's purpose of increasing women participation in Linux
> and FOSS in general is not being served with the current model
> - There have been increasing cases of harrassment (in the decreasing
> order: unwanted messages and attention, flirting, stalking) on regular
> basis, filtering the right kind of people out is a tough task and
> cannot be done very easily
> Course of action
> ----------------------
> 1. Prepare a course structure -  This remains the same for every workshop
> 2. Look up for a decent venue : NIPFP has already generously provided
> us the venue every time, maybe they can do for this as well
> 3. Send out a word for mentee (women + LGBTQ) and mentor (can be
> anyone, has to agree to CoC before signing up for this) applications
> 4. Look for sponsors for snacks
> This structure has been made following Django Girls as they well serve
> the their purpose.
> How do you all think of this?

I like the idea, but I've been thinking. If the community only has workshops
every 2 or 3 months, maybe people won't be as engaged throughout. Because Linux
doesn't seem to be a hot topic around these parks.

I was thinking, if we have enough volunteers, maybe we can do some small events
in colleges between the main workshops?

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