[IndiChix] Proposal: Workshops instead of meetups

Shivani Bhardwaj shivanib134 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 16:55:43 UTC 2019

Hello, everyone!

We just had a community call in which we discussed the following:
- Birthday meetup highlights
- Proposal for workshops instead of meetups

Proposal for workshops
LinuxChix India in its old days hosted Linux Labs for women. Old
members we could have a little help here about the pattern of Linux
Labs back in those days.

The proposal for now is we stop hosting the bi-weekly meetups and
instead have quarterly Linux workshops for women and LGBTQ only as

Reasons for coming up with this:
- We do not have enough volunteers to take care of everything at the
frequency of 15 days or a month
- The community's purpose of increasing women participation in Linux
and FOSS in general is not being served with the current model
- There have been increasing cases of harrassment (in the decreasing
order: unwanted messages and attention, flirting, stalking) on regular
basis, filtering the right kind of people out is a tough task and
cannot be done very easily

Course of action
1. Prepare a course structure -  This remains the same for every workshop
2. Look up for a decent venue : NIPFP has already generously provided
us the venue every time, maybe they can do for this as well
3. Send out a word for mentee (women + LGBTQ) and mentor (can be
anyone, has to agree to CoC before signing up for this) applications
4. Look for sponsors for snacks

This structure has been made following Django Girls as they well serve
the their purpose.
How do you all think of this?

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