[IndiChix] LinxuChixIn's 2nd Anniversary

SVAKSHA svaksha at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 17:47:23 UTC 2019

On Sun, Jan 6, 2019 at 4:52 PM Utkarsh Gupta <guptautkarsh2102 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> The anniversary meetup was lovely and there are a couple of people who I'd
> like to thank for their contributions today. Without them, the birthday
> meetup wouldn't be as exciting as it was! :D
> First off, kudos to Shivani and Sanyam for maintaining this community for 2
> years now!

Amen,  a big round of applause :clap: :+1:

> Shivani really pulled this off quite well and we're really thankful for all
> the support and help she always puts in.
> We really missed you today :/
> Next one being Pushplata. She, too, managed PyLadies Delhi for a year and
> it was amazing to see the community grow! Thank you for helping us,
> Pushplata! :D
> I would really like to appreciate Ayan's work. Without that, this mail
> would be totally incomplete. He really nailed it with his quiz! It was
> really amazing and I am sure each one of us felt the same way, too. Thank
> you for all the hard work you did and made this event successful. Not only
> with the quiz, but with all the things you did for the community.
> Sanshay, the holders/banners were amazing! I did not see that coming,
> though :P
> Loved it. Thank you for all the efforts! :D
> Mason, loved the calender's design! And all the questions you prepared,
> including the presentation. Thanks, a ton! :D
> The organizers, Sakshi and Jatin. You were really amazing. Loved your
> dedication and hard work. Really enjoyed the meetup today and the throwback
> talk was really sweet and beautiful :')
> The link to the slide is duly attached [1].
> Rajudev, thank you for being there and helping us at each step!
> We really owe it to you! :D
> Mridu, Soumya and Srihari, your talks were amazing! We really look forward
> to some more :D
> Keep coming, keep talking ;)
> Thank you, Animesh, Ajax, and Karmanya for helping us in setting the quiz
> questions along with Ayan, Mason, Srihari, Sakshi, and Jatin.
> Also, seeing Rituka, Mohit, Piyush, and Rajudev jumping at the foosball
> table was really sweet. Y'all made the most out of it. Hope you had the
> most fun? :P
> And lastly, thank you Kavitha, Ayan, Puneet, Raju, Sakshi, and Jaitn for
> all the monetary contributions! :')
> Hope I did not miss anyone's name. Really sorry if I did :/
> Also, the photographs are being processed and will be shared soon.
> Happy 2, LinuxChixIn!
> [1]: https://slides.com/cocoa1231/deck-6#/

Wow, sounds like you had a great event and now you got me all nostalgic !
Thanks for the efforts folks - If I visit Delhi, I would love to
attend a meet sometime :-) -SVAKSHA ॥  http://about.me/svaksha

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