[IndiChix] IndiChix domain

hassath at gmail.com hassath at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 04:31:41 UTC 2009

Hi folks.

Swati Sani, the current owner of the domain linuxchix.org.in has not
responded to the mail sent on behalf of the IndiChix community. If you
recall, January 15th was the date by which she was requested to
respond. I think we can safely consider her incommunicado - as far as
IndiChix is concerned.

I propose that we make india.linuxchix.org the official domain for the
IndiChix web site/wiki. This will make things simple:
1. We know that it is available, and ours for the asking.
2. We don't have to bother about what other domain is appropriate or available.
3. None of us pay for it or own it or control it.
4. Ownership and control rests with the international LinuxChix, and
we follow the pattern of <country>.linuxchix.org that the main
LinuxChix has proposed for its regional Chapters.

If anybody has better ideas, it would be nice to hear them now.
If anybody has problems with this proposal, then this is the time to
discuss them here. Once the process has started, it would be rather
unhelpful to come up with objections to *this* decision.

Once we agree on what to do with the domain, we can discuss hosting
issues - separately.
Please do give your feedback.
- Hassath

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