[IndiChix] meetup proposal @ Blr.

VidA vid at svaksha.com
Wed Feb 25 12:51:30 UTC 2009

Hello Folks,

At Sunday's national coalition meeting (**) I met Jose David Cuartas
Correa from Columbia and he agreed to do a talk for LCIN on  "Emergent
Interfaces and Technologies".

It is tentatively scheduled as :

Venue : Thoughtworks , Airport road , Bangalore.
Date : Saturday 2009mar07
Time :  1400 to 1600 hrs.

I have asked him for further details and talk-time duration but lets
assume that he takes one hour.  Is anyone else interested in talking
in the second hour? No topic restrictions and people are free to
present their areas of interest.

Another point I wanted to discuss was this ... time and again I hear
"visit my college and give a talk". Ideally speaking,

- its better that the college students are asked to attend these public meetups.
- Saturday afternoons should hopefully not clash with college/work.
- open to people of all age groups.
- students get to interact with others from the Linux community.
- students get an opportunity to present talks too.

Secondly, there are no topic restriction and definitely no bar on
newbie stuff. So feel free to talk about your Linux experience and why
you liked it (or even hated it)

Thoughts !!
|| Vid || http://www.svaksha.com ||

(**) I blogged about it but I am waiting for Vinay's final words on
the discussion.

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