[IndiChix] Status - website move

Radha radha.nitt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 03:45:08 UTC 2009

> I'm embarassed to state that I've not made much progress on this.

Please don't be... as Hassath mentioned, we are all doing this in our
personal time and don't even quite agree there is a delay.

> Here's what I was supposed to do and haven't made happen yet:
> - Get the SSH keys from Radha and Kadambari and get it into the
> primary and the secondary servers.

All ssh, pgp has been a new learning to me.  And I think the initial
trust/authentication is bound to take so much time..considering the fact we
don't even meet each other regularly and I am just learning now....

Rather than get into the details, I'll instead state that I'll get
> back soon to the list with a success report.

Yes that is the right spirit... :)

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