[IndiChix] Fwd: [ilugb] ILUG Bengaluru Meet - Saturday 21st February 2009 / 1630hrs

Kingsly John member+indichix at kingsly.net
Sat Feb 21 04:30:51 UTC 2009

+++ sreedhar ambati [2009-02-21 08:07:16]:

> Hi
> What are the sessisons in this meeting?

The mail does mention what the sessions are, no?

> I found a clash with Bangpypers Bangalore user group .

The ilug-b meet doesn't involve python, the android one does have
developer tilt though.

> They are also having the sessions in the same place at the same place at the
> same time.

It wasn't intentional, we'd been planning for meet for a while and only came
to know of the bangpypers meet a day before I made the announcement.

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