[IndiChix] [Status Update] Domain name change + website hosting move

Sriram Narayanan sriramnrn at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 09:41:59 UTC 2009

Hello all:

I'm writing this mail in the capacity of a co-ordinator.

Here are the steps that I think are necessary as part of the domain
name change + the website hosting move.
1. Confirm that the owner of the linuxchix.org.in domain is unwilling
to transfer the domain name ownership to active list members.
Status: Confirmed. We have sent her an email and have waited a
reasonably long enough time. We have not received any response, and
must therefore move to a non-controversial domain name. We have
received confirmation from the main linuxchix.org group, that they
would be willing to provide us with india.linuxchix.org.

2. Modify the existing web server configuration to serve the content
of india.linuxchix.org
Status: The existing server admins have not responded to any
communication on the list. I have learned that one of the existing
admins is genuinely not going to be able to help for the time being.
We have therefore resolved to move to a new website host.

3. Seek alternative website hosts who'd be willing to host the
community website without fee (money is always such a troublemaker and
a powerful tool in the hands of the malicious)
Status: Various list members have put forth possible hosts, and Vidya
has contacted them. I believe she's awaiting a confirmation, and that
she will update the list soon.

4. Extract the content of the existing website for import into a new website
Status: Completed. Hassath, Gayathri, Vidya and Radha have confirmed
that they have received the website dump that I'd sent to them. I have
also sent the link to page which lets the viewer download the various
images that are in the wiki. I have myself downloaded these, and
believe that at least some others too have downloaded the same.

5. Seek local volunteers from the list who'd be willing to take up
administration tasks. The persons need not be experts - just
Status: Kadambari and Radha have volunteered. There are a number of
other list members who are experienced and who can step in with advice
as and when needed.

If anyone has any questions on the above, or feels that more steps are
needed, please respond to this thread.

-- Sriram

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