[IndiChix] [Announcement] Launch of Free Software Movement - Karnataka

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 06:37:17 UTC 2009

We, the Free Software Movement Team having been consistently working
to build the Free Software Movement in Karnataka, have decided to
consolidate our efforts by forming an organisation. Our work has been
built on the work of the pioneers of Free Software in the country.

After much deliberation, we have decided to name our organisation the
'Free Software Movement - Karnataka' to symbolise the all inclusiveness
of the Movement. What differentiates us from other groups, organisations
or networks is our approach to building the Movement. Our scientific
understanding is that only a 'mass movement' in the FOSS domain can
bring about the various changes that we envision. To build such a mass
movement, a democratic, transparent, representative and dynamic
organisation is essential.

We understand that to address the various challenges before the
Free Software Movement it is essential to have broad based coordination
among the various entities operating in the FOSS domain, in conformance
with our principles. It should be noted that we are not affiliated to FSF-I
or any other entity, at present. We represent the Free Software Movement.
Prof Eben Moglen and RMS have been our inspiration.

The Convener is Senthil S.(9900262828) <senthilsos at yahoo.com> and
Jt. Convener is Vikram Vincent (9448810822) <vincentvikram at gmail.com>

This core team is supported by a group of academicians, people from the
industry and students from around Karnataka.

We present the 'Free Software Movement - Karnataka (FSMK)'
http://fsmk.org http://fsmk.in


What is a mass movement?

Mass movement : is a word with comes from geology. It is the
geomorphic process by which soil, regolith, and rock move down slope
under the force of gravity.

Mass movement can be over varying timescales from seconds to years.

Mass movement may occur at a very slow rate, particularly in areas that
are very dry or those areas that receive sufficient rainfall such that
vegetation has stabilised the surface.

It may also occur at very high speed, such as in rock slides or landslides.



We would like be a group of hacktivists - who can be catalysts in reaching
the idea of free software to a large number of people - including the
people who don't have hardware - by giving them free hardware to start with.

Whether the mass movement in free software in India is going to be
rapid or slow - is going to depend on You Waking up to the philosophy
of free software.

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