[Courses] [python] Lesson 2: Loops, if, and beer

Monique Y. Mudama monique at bounceswoosh.org
Mon Jun 27 00:04:58 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jun 24 at 23:05, Desiree Jenkins penned:
> > 3. How was the length of this lesson? Too much, too little or just
> > right?
> I thought it was a little short, but as others have said, I've done
> programming before, so it may be someone else's perfect pace.

(slightly different perspective - not at all disagreeing with you,
just adding a little detail to my earlier answer)

I program on a daily basis, and for me the programming assignment was
just right - because I don't have a lot of mental bandwidth available to
focus on writing code outside of work.


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