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Peggy Russell prusselltechgroup at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 21:32:58 UTC 2011


I really liked Akkana's tutorial on GIMP, which is when I first found

I would add: sed, awk, bash, shell command line, along with what has 
been mentioned already. And would be open to volunteering.

Regarding command line, maybe a command could be covered each week.
Or rather groups of commands (file management, security, help, 
find/search, network, performance, etc.)

I use open source software called asciidoc.  It is written in python.

The author, Stuart Rackham, provides the source for his site 
("Page Source" on left-side) to get a quick glance at AsciiDoc
text formatting. There are a few authors of O'Reilly books using it
(See: "Documents written using AsciiDoc"). AsciiDoc allows a user to
format text easily and then back-end processing converts it into 
html, docbook, pdf.  Maybe this would be helpful in possibly 
post-processing the email lists tutorials for the linuxchix website...

Peggy Russell

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