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Mon Jun 6 04:28:02 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 02:42, Jacinta Richardson
<jarich at perltraining.com.au> wrote:
> I'd be very happy to teach Perl.  But I can't start until July.  If someone
> else wants to start sooner, be my guest.

That would be great Jacinta. I for one would not mind waiting and
re-learning the Perl I taught myself, mostly thanks to freely
available tutorials (including yours :)) but I look forward to the
more interactive group-learning process.

Jacinta, could you hint which level you plan to target -- beginner (no
coding experience) or intermediate (some coding exp.) [0]? Do you
already have a topic in mind or are you open to taking suggestions? I
was wondering if it would be kosher for folks to suggest topics of
learning[1] interest in Perl and you could take the final call.


[0] The advanced (5-7+ years of perl?) coders are not in the equation
as I doubt very much if they would be interested in learning perl ;)
I assume they may want to help out though!?
[1] I am teaching myself web-frameworks in Perl but in comparison to
other famous frameworks, say RoR and Django, find very less
documentation and examples online.

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