[Courses] [python] Lesson 9: More extras (requested topics)

Leslie leslie.brothers at verizon.net
Wed Aug 17 00:30:02 UTC 2011

	This truly IS fun because I was wanting to add bird songs but didn't
know where to start! So it's great to see your program and esp. the
reference to Stokes.
	I really appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback and -- hey, use my
code (such as it is) anytime.  :)


On Tue, 2011-08-16 at 10:12 -0700, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Leslie writes:
> > There is nothing very advanced about this program, but the pictures are
> > pretty.  I don't know whether they will make it through onto the list
> Love it! They made it through the list, and the program ran fine
> here (after I fixed some long lines that got broken by the email
> system). Very fun!
> I'm a bird fan too -- If you wanted to let the user ask to see
> specific birds rather than a random choice, there's some code you
> could borrow from one of my early Python programs, "tweet", for
> playing bird calls. You type something like "tweet spar" and it
> looks through all its birdcall files (using os.listdir()) for
> anything matching that pattern, finds all the sparrows, and prints
> them all and lets you choose which one you want, so then you can
> type "song" if you want to hear the song sparrow.
> http://shallowsky.com/software/scripts/tweet
> I've often thought about adding photos to tweet somehow, but never
> got around to it. Maybe I can borrow some of your code!
> 	...Akkana
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