[Courses] [Careers] Jacinta Richardson

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Sat Mar 5 21:15:58 EST 2005

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005, Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> I did really well.  I realised that I was willing to learn about software, 
> and never picked up an interest in knowing about hardware; so I chose the 
> Software Engineering stream.  It was so much fun knowing that I could get 
> the computer to do *exactly* what I told it to.

What made you realise this? First year programming courses or something

> My final year project was the first time I really noticed any 
> discrimination. Because I would rather get things done or spend time at 
> home relaxing rather than going to the pub with my team mates (at the end 
> of a long day), it was somehow assumed that I was not a team player.

Was this discrimination of the "you're a girl" type or of the "you don't
drink with us!" type?

> * At the end of the year Paul and I noticed that our direction and the 
> other people in the company had diverged.  So we broke off and started Perl 
> Training Australia (PTA).  Some of my long term clients came with me, and 
> others stayed with the previous company.  I continued to work full time for 
> ITS and casually for PTA.

What kind of casual work were you doing at the time? I've always found
finding casual computing work above "get this computer on the network"
difficult to find.

> * Now I'm manager, director, training coordinator, trainer, training 
> materials writer and developer.

What proportion of time you do spend on each of these things? Which of
them do you feel you enjoy the most?


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