[Courses][gimp] Lesson 6: Erasing Unwanted Objects from Images

Patricia Peck patpeck at znet.com
Sat Mar 5 15:12:37 EST 2005

Gosh, it's still Friday, and I have my homework done.  Amazing!  This is 
fun, and will be very, very useful, as I'm only just learning to use the 
camera, too.

Here's the original photo:


I got rid of those pesky buildings in the fg by smudging and copying 
some areas of darkness to cover the buildings.  Then there was that 
little area of green at the right, and it looked like an afterthought, 
so I moved some of the road from the other side over there.  It still 
didn't look right, so I went back to Lesson 5 and drew a little road 
extension where it didn't work.

Here's the final product:


    ... Pat

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