[Courses] [gimp] Lesson 1: Cropping and Rescaling an Image

Patricia Peck patpeck at znet.com
Sun Jan 30 15:43:06 EST 2005

Akkana Peck wrote:
> But a faster way is to use key bindings: - zooms out (makes the image
> smaller), + or =, depending on GIMP version, zooms in; and typing '1'
> in the image window will always scale the image to 100%, full size.

I've been fooling with this, and I think I've got it, but I had some 
problems.  At first typing 1 in the image window didn't work at all, so 
I tried '1' with the single quotes, and it jumped to full size before 
the final '.  Then I couldn't figure out how to get it to go back. 
There doesn't seem to be an "undo" for that one.  Finally I hit on 
typing - several times, and that seemed to bring it back.  Fumbling 
efforts at best.  :-)

Also for me, in 2.0, the key bindings seem to be + and -, not + and =. 
Was this a typo, or am I weird?

> Try it now!  Try changing the Width to 600, then hitting tab.  

I sorta forgot the tab, and found by accident that you can change the 
width to 600 and click OK and the other numbers will change then, right 
before the image changes.  Either tab or no tab seems to work fine.

This is fun.  I've got to get out there and take pictures to mess with!



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