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Mon Jan 24 11:02:50 EST 2005

 --- Mary <mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org> wrote: 
> On Fri, Jan 21, 2005, Webmaster Story wrote:
> > In my spare time, my brother had just bought a PC 
> > and prodded me into learning HTML.  I was soon
> > creating websites and ended up with a contract to
> > produce a website for a high profile talent
> > management company.
> How did you get this contract?

The first website I published was about a new musical
that was opening in London's West End.  It was a
subject I knew about so I was able to publish content
about the stars and the story before it opened in the
theatre (and before the official site existed).  This
caught the attention of the cast who were in
rehearsals for the show.  They contacted me and
supplied me with even more content and the site caught
the attention of the management company who looked
after the main star.  They gave me tickets to the
premiere and asked if I could advise them on their own
website, which was a bit old and needing some
attention.  I met with them, advised them on domain
registration and web hosting, and worked out a new
design for their site that incorporated with their
corporate branding.  We then came to an agreement that
I'd put together their new site and update it for them
for an agreed price.

So, as usual for me, it wasn't something I went
looking for but I took the opportunity that was
presented to me.

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