[Courses] New course: Computing Careers

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Wed Jan 12 11:29:05 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

Another course is about to start on the courses list: a series of posts
describing computing careers. Each one will be from a different
LinuxChick working in computing, and will describe their career path.
The idea is that you can use these posts to see all the different roles

More details about the course are available from

If you want to write a post about your own career path and job history,
see that page for details. We welcome more participants: the more people
who have a story to share, the more valuble it will be.

You can follow the posts either on that page or by subscribing to the
courses list at http://mailman.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/courses .
Discussion will be welcome on that list.

If you do want to read this on the courses list, please make sure of two

 1. That you select the "Careers" topic (or all topics) to read,
    otherwise the mailing list software will filter out the posts.

 2. That your mails to the list have the string "[Careers]" (including
    the square braces) in their subject so that the list software knows
    what course they belong to.


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