[Courses] [Careers] My mid-life career change to software

Anna Badimo anna at cs.wits.ac.za
Wed Feb 23 17:15:25 EST 2005

Wow! This is very interesting! Am getting there right away!!!!

Thanks so much.

Best Regards
Anna Badimo

WITS University

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> On 07/02/05 14:23 +0200, Anna Badimo wrote:
> > Hi Julie,
> > 
> > This is very encouraging. I am also at a point where I want to change to a 
> > network/infrastructure manager. I have been a software developer and I kind of
> > find it very mundane once you have learned a system or a programming language.
> > Where should I start?
> This is a rather late response (blame it on excessive travelling :)),
> but http://www.infrastructures.org/ is a good place to start from. I
> would recommend reading the "Turing" paper on the site first, as it
> gives a good overview of what the infrastructure field is about.
> It distinguishes between a system/network administrator and an
> infrastructure architect. You may choose to be on either side of the
> divide as you start off. The skillset required is the same, the
> philosophy of applying those skills is different.
> Devdas Bhagat
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