[Courses] [gimp] Lesson 1: Cropping and Rescaling an Image

Kyrie Menyth kyriem2 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 15 00:02:48 EST 2005

Heh, I wouldn't feel so bad about the procrastination. I've had my pics 
done for quite some time, just got around to posting them.

Much like Dean's, I have an original photo and an un-resized image due 
to it came out so small when cropped.

Original - http://home.comcast.net/~kyriem2/CAT0010.jpg

Cropped - http://home.comcast.net/~kyriem2/Barbie_01.jpg

- Franz

P.S. - The little kitten's name is Barbie or sometimes affectionately 
called 'my little girlfriend.'

D. Fountaine wrote:

> Procrastination will be the death of me, but here's my homework for 
> lesson the first:
> http://www.deanne.ca/gimplessons/lesson1_orig.jpg is the original 
> photo, which I resized in order to put it online
> http://www.deanne.ca/gimplessons/lesson1.jpg is the cropped photo, 
> which didn't need resizing, because cropping it made it small enough 
> for the web
> Deanne
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