[Courses][gimp] Optional Lesson 3.5: printing images

Carol Spears carol at gimp.org
Sat Feb 12 16:54:56 EST 2005

On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 08:22:11PM -0800, Carol Spears wrote:
> another issue i have had with the kiosk is that they do automatic color
> correction.  this is terrible if you are not printing photographs and
> terrible if you were happy with your adjustments.  avoid this by using
> the kiosks that load to a machine where humans handle it and tell them
> to turn the automatic color adjustment off.  i was successful here in
> california communicating this at the photo counter.  at least the prints
> are relatively inexpensive, so allow yourself some extras and the chance
> to get it right.  dont yell at the people at the counter -- it is not
> their fault they dont know about the equipment.
this should read "i have been successful here in california
communicating this at the costco counter"

sorry.  and it is not an advertisement either, it is one experience that
i had.  :)


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