[Courses][gimp] Drawing a circle

Patricia Peck patpeck at znet.com
Tue Apr 12 13:00:22 EST 2005

Akkana Peck wrote:
> That's a neat effect!  It's from a bump map?  It looks like it
> must have been from a combination of a couple different text layers,
> like the text and its shadow, or the text and a slightly larger
> version of the same text.

No, way simpler than that.  It was the same basic image as the layer 
mask, and I just selected bump map and played around with the options. 
Totally a happy mistake.

> Isn't it fun how you can get play around randomly and get
> interesting new effects?  

It is!  And there are SO many options to a lot of these things that you 
can while away happy hours just playing with them.  Or not so happy if 
you're looking for a specific effect and failing. :-)

> It was that way when I wrote the
> lesson on layer masks: most of the effects were really boring,
> then every now and then I'd go "Ooh, that's worth saving."

Sometimes you can learn a lot of new stuff when you're teaching, can't you?

> The ellipse selection tool, of course, can make a circle, but it's
> hard, just dragging it out, to make it a perfect circle with width
> and height the same.  But pressing the shift key while you drag will
> constrain the ellipse selection to be exactly circular.

Cool tip.  I just tried selecting a circle around a particular spot, and 
it works great if you do it from upper left to lower right.  The stroke 
selection and border gizmos work great, too.

> That ended up being almost a lesson.  But there's still no homework. :-)

:-)  Thanks, Teach!



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