[Courses] [Domains] Welcome to the domain names course.

Sue Stones suzo at spin.net.au
Sat Jun 5 22:58:49 EST 2004

On Saturday 05 Jun 2004 4:36 pm, Mary wrote:
> Consider this message the beginning of an introduction thread, but of a
> focused kind: If you're interested in this course, what do you know about
> domain names?  Why are you interested? Anything you particularly want to
> know?

> 1. Why own a domain name?
> 2. Choosing a domain name
> 3. Techie interlude: nameservers
> 4. Registering a domain name
> 5. Choosing a host

G'day Mary I am interested in this course, and I am intending to register some 
domain names in the near future.  I think I know something about the first 3 
topics you have mentioned, and will be interested to see if this course 
confirms what I already think I know or re-educates me.  I am particularly 
interested in the latter 2 points as I don't feel like I know much about 


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